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AutoSocks are textile tyre covers which are fitted to the vehicle drive wheels and increase grip on snow covered or icy roads. Unlike some metal snow chains, AutoSock can be quickly fitted and removed with a minimum of fuss and offer incredible traction for cars, vans and trucks.


Developed in Norway and launched in 2002, the AutoSock is constructed using a high tech woven fabric which increases tyre to road friction. This incredible material has been extensively researched and developed to give an end result which is simply stunning in operation. Beware of imitation products which do not use this same material technology. AutoSock is a patented design which is being widely copied by other manufacturers who are in breach of copyright and using inferior quality materials which may not perform as well as the real deal!


Auto Sock tire socks are light in weight and require minimal storage space, they are comfortable in use and do not cause vibration or noise. AutoSock tyre socks are reusable and machine washable and can be used on vehicles where snow chains are not permitted due to clearance issues making them extremely versatile. AutoSock car socks are self centering and will not damage alloy wheels and as an added bonus, AutoSock will also improve electronic safety systems (ABS, ESP etc.) further adding to their effectiveness. They require no practice to fit or remove. AutoSock really is the perfect emergency winter driving aid. Don’t leave home without them!

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