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What type of snow chains do I need for my car?

The vehicle make, model, year of manufacture and tyre size combination determines which snow chain models can be fitted to it. For most cars without clearance issues, the Pewag Brenta-C snow chains are ideal and are an excellent all rounder. If you have a car which has limited clearance, you have various other options including the Pewag Sportmatik and Brenta-9 models. The AutoSock is also an excellent alternative to snow chains in these circumstances. For cars with limited space between the top of the tyre and the wheel arch, the Ring Automatik-S may be a more suitable option because of the way it is constructed and the way it is fitted. If you are unsure which chains are best suited to your application please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist in making your decision.

For 4x4 and SUV vehicles, we have a range of more robust snow chains available such as the Brenta-C 4x4, Sportmatik SUV and for serious off road conditions, the Austro Super and Austro SV models.

As a general guide, it's always worth checking in your car handbook to see what it says about using snow chains on the tyres that you have fitted to your vehicle. However, this can sometimes be a bit misleading and in some cases we may still be able to supply a suitable snow chain even though the manual says that you should not use them. Our experienced sales team will be able to advise you accordingly.

Can I use snow chains on my car as the manual says not to because the car has limited clearance?

In some cases we may be able to offer a slim fitting snow chain which will suit your car, even if it has a clearance problem. If it really is not possible to fit snow chains then the AutoSock may be a suitable alternative. Please contact us for more details.

How many snow chains or AutoSocks do I need?

Under normal circumstances, one pair of snow chains or AutoSock are sufficient and should be fitted to the drive wheels, although in the case of rear wheel drive vehicles, an additional pair can be fitted to the front wheels for improved steering control but this is not essential.

For 4x4 vehicles, please consult your owners handbook for details on whether to fit snow chains or AutoSock to the front or rear wheels as this varies between different vehicle manufacturers. Again, two pairs can be fitted for maximum effect and improved braking control should you so desire, providing you have sufficient clearance.

Which wheels do I fit snow chains or AutoSocks to?

You should fit snow chains or AutoSock to the drive wheels of your vehicle. They can be fitted to all four wheels for maximum effect but this is not essential and will also depend on clearances.

How long will they last?

It is impossible to give an accurate lifetime for your snow chains or AutoSock as this is determined by the conditions in which they are used, the weight of the vehicle that they are fitted to and generally how they are maintained. If you run them on uncovered tarmac for example, this will increase the wear considerably and reduce their service life. If you run your snow chains or AutoSock only on snow covered roads, removing them when the road is clear of snow, you can expect many seasons of trouble free life from them. It is also wise to remember that snow chains should be hung and allowed to dry naturally after use which will also help prolong their life. Remember, snow chains are primarily made from metal and will rust if left in a pool of water in their storage box! AutoSock can be machine washed to remove heavy soiling.

How fast can I drive with snow chains or AutoSocks fitted?

The maximum recommended speed for driving with most traction aids is 30 mph (50 kph). Higher speeds than this could lead to product failure which may result in damage or loss of control of your vehicle.

Will my Pewag snow chains be legal for use abroad?

Yes. All of the Pewag range of snow chains that we sell will comply with European regulations for the use of snow chains.

Are AutoSocks legal for use abroad as an alternative to snow chains?

There is still some debate over this and it is a bit of a grey area. We advise those wishing to use them abroad to exercise caution and where a snow chain can be used, this is probably the safer bet! That said, our sale of AutoSock are now in to the 1000's and so far, we have yet to receive any negative feedback from customers having used them abroad. So far so good!

Will snow chains damage my alloy wheels?

No. Pewag snow chains are designed so that they will not harm your alloy wheels when fitted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Do I get a warranty with my Pewag snow chains or my AutoSocks?

All Pewag snow chains are warranted against faulty workmanship and defective materials, as is the case with AutoSock. If you find that your purchase is defective in any way on receipt, they will be replaced free of charge.

If I sell my car and my current Pewag snow chains do not fit my new car, can I swap them for a different size?

Unfortunately we no longer offer an exchange scheme for snowchains or AutoSocks.

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